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Seattle Police

Always available, very high quality compared to others.

Virgina Mason

Because we are producing this product in large quantities we are able to fullfill bulk orders and offer bulk pricing.

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Our sanitizer is 85% alcohol and kills bacteria and disinfects surfaces quickly, It is in liquid form so its easily used as an effective sanitizer for both hands and surfaces.

Family Owned & Opperated

Helping your business stay open and safe during these difficult times. 

Adding new resources to your safety arsenal to protect you and your people from exposure is paramount to today's environment.

Our company was early to work with the “FDA Emergency Guidance for Industry” formula. Our product is an 85% alcohol sanitzing product for cleaning hand and surfaces. Our customers include WSP, SeaTac, Port of Seattle and many police departments, fire departments, FBI and hospitals throughout the Pacific Northwest.

You can be confident our product is proven!


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